Terms & Conditions

HALHUB provide marketing, advertising and promotional Services to SME independents trading with good standing within the hospitality and leisure sectors. Independents are not under the umbrella or control of a national organisation, don’t operate as a franchisee and are usually owner-operated.

Client Registration By registering as a Client or ordering any HALHUB Service, the Client agrees to provide complete, correct and true information with authority to act for the SME independent who operates within the leisure and hospitality sector(s) and is a minimum age of eighteen. Please note that online Client registration and Service ordering are not a guarantee of HALHUB acceptance. HALHUB may operate internal procedures to ensure registration validity at any time, the Client may be asked to confirm non-sensitive information (e.g. registered mobile phone number or a submitted memorable word) to assist HALHUB in providing a secure Client environment. Some services may require two factor authorisation (e.g. inputting of numeric codes sent to a registered mobile phone number).

Services & Fees HALHUB provide free Services (e.g. online business listing), fixed fee Services (e.g. web sites) and third party integration Services (e.g. multi-channel sales platforms).

Free Services: HALHUB collate and publish publicly available information (e.g. business details, locations and retail web site links) for the purposes of marketing independent retail sales and #ShopLocal exposure. Businesses are able to update, amend, add or remove any listing by way of email.

Fixed Fee Services: Fees are confirmed by email after enquiry and before service commencement, these Services are billed on either a one-off, monthly, annual or a percentage of sale basis or a combination. Billing is completed by way of online card payment (processed via Stripe and not stored by HALHUB), direct debit or BACS.

Third Party Integration Services: Where Services involve third party integrations (e.g. vendor software / multi channel sales platforms) – fees and payments are set, managed and processed directly by the relevant third party. HALHUB provide activity reporting by email on a weekly or monthly basis and all payment queries should be directed to the relevant third party.

Service Cancellation & Refunds There are no fees involved in Service cancellation or minimum contract length required, thirty day cancellation notice is required for all Services with the exception of retainer Clients which require a ninety day cancellation period. Service cancellation notice is sent to HALHUB by way of email and receipt will be confirmed within seven days – please contact us if confirmation has not been received within seven days.

HALHUB Cancellation: HALHUB reserve the right to cancel and / or refuse Service where the Client fails to meet our good standing independent trading status criteria or where the Client fails to make payment due for any Service.

Refunds & Complaints: All fees paid are non-refundable with the exception of any defect, quality or non-receipt issue relating to printed materials or merchandise provided by HALHUB. The Client shall notify HALHUB of any defect or non-receipt in good time (e.g. seven days) to allow for them to be rectified. No refund is possible for any defect report made after twenty eight days of dispatch. The HALHUB liability for printed materials or merchandise (if any) shall be limited to rectifying such defect or issuing a credit note or refund for the invoice value or reasonable part thereof. Please contact HALHUB as soon as possible to report any issue or complaint by way of email, receipt will be confirmed within seven days – please contact us if confirmation has not been received within seven days.

Web Site Services HALHUB web sites are built using WordPress and WooCommerce, work will commence upon receipt of the web site set-up fee.

Hosting & Domain Names: The Client owns and controls their own IONOS account, billing is performed directly between IONOS and the Client.

Commencement & Renewals: HALHUB Services begin on the day of payment receipt which commences these Terms & Conditions for all parties.

Standard Amendments: Standard design and content amendments are inclusive and made directly by HALHUB – subject to a reasonable quantity of standard requests on an annual or monthly basis. Clients have direct access to their general web site settings and any e-commerce products. Amendments are requested by email to HALHUB and we aim to complete any request within fourteen days, please however allow for upto twenty eight days in the event of busy periods.

Non-Standard Amendments: HALHUB can make no guarantee that any requested design or functionality will be implementable or available on an ongoing basis, non-standard amendments may result in the requirement for additional server resources which incur server upgrade fees. Additional fees apply to non-standard amendments and these will be confirmed in advance by way of email, a typical charge is £25 per hour and work will commence upon receipt of payment. Non standard amendments include, but are not limited to, frequent or ongoing amendments to web site content or design, complete re-design, provision of photography, content, graphic design, functionality or payment gateway updating / work.

SEO: HALHUB provide a standard search engine optimisation Service but are unable to offer any guarantee about the success or listing rank with any particular search engine or keyword.

E-Commerce: The Stripe payment gateway is provided as standard and the Client is required to set-up, test and monitor their own Stripe account. Orders placed through any web site and are agreements between the Client and their end-user customer and are of no responsibility or duty to HALHUB.

Third Party Integrations: In addition to IONOS & Stripe – other terms and conditions may also apply where web site functionality integrations are provided to the Client. HALHUB may be unable to provide any support relating to any third party integration and ask that these queries are sent directly to the relevant provider.

Software, Code & Copyright: Clients are not granted any form of ownership to any software or code used to provide and / or design any web site and the Client understands and accepts that services and designs are provided to current Clients only, Clients leaving HALHUB will lose the functionality and design provided. Clients are assigned full rights to use any web site provided that no payment is due under this agreement and all rights to any third party design, functionality or content remain the property of their respective owners unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Vendor Software HALHUB provide bespoke solutions and support for multi-channel sales platforms.

Your Products & Services: Where products and / or services are offered for sale via vendor software, the vendor agrees to adhere to the trading terms of the relevant provider (e.g. Company / business / website / organisation) who offer the Client base to you. These terms usually include agreements relating to Client protection, Client support, returns, discounting, listing limits and outpayments. HALHUB may be unable to provide any support relating to any third party terms and ask that any queries are sent directly to the relevant provider.

Listing Accuracy: Vendors are responsible for ensuring that all product / service information (e.g. price, quantity, image) are up to date and accurate at all times. This information can be accessed at any time by logging in to the vendor dashboard. Where a vendor product or service becomes unavailable – vendors are required to set the quantity to zero of utilise the automated live-stock facility. No product or service should be deleted from the dashboard and no product or service should fundamentally change once live (including design and layout changes) – amendments are requested by email to HALHUB and are usually processed within one to two working days, please allow longer in the event of busy periods.

Vendor Fees: Fees and payments are set, managed and processed directly by the relevant provider. HALHUB provide activity reporting by email on a weekly or monthly basis and all payment queries should be directed to the relevant provider.

Vendor Marketing: Basic marketing activities (e.g. new product or service, published to social media) may be undertaken by HALHUB and the relevant provider on an inclusive basis, free of charge. Premium marketing activities may also be offered from time to time on an optional inclusion basis. Vendors authorise use of any publicly available imagery, photography, logo, description and relevant data for marketing purposes.

Retainer Services HALHUB provide a business development, support and advertising facility utilising a combination of in-house and outsourced specialists. Services include digital media, traditional media, promotions, incentives, competitions, events and more. Retainer Services start at £1000 per month and include a minimum of 40 hours input per month. Additional terms and policies may apply to the Client when ordering bespoke Services and these are confirmed by email.

Self Promotion HALHUB reserve the right to reproduce and publish completed works, Client reviews and comments in its portfolios and marketing for the purposes of its own promotion. Where bespoke Services and proposals are provided – the Client grants HALHUB exclusive rights to the creative content and any related materials.

Competitors HALHUB may provide Services to, and otherwise be affilliated with any direct or indirect competitor of the Client, unless agreed otherwise in advance in writing.

Dormant Clients & Services HALHUB reserve the right to remove a Service from any Client where a long period of inactivity has been noted (ninety days or more), or where business closure / potential business closure has been noted. Seven days advance notice will be provided by way of email or letter and re-connection is usually available upon online re-registration and payment at the current Client rate.

Indemnity & Liability The Client is solely responsible for complying with any laws, taxes of tariffs applicable to the Services and will indemnify and hold harmless HALHUB and any subcontractors against any claim, suit, penalty, tax, fine, tariff or other loss arising out of the Services or use of any web site, third party link or third party integration. HALHUB provide all Services and software entirely as-is and without guarantee, no fitness for purpose should be implied and it is the responsibility of the Client to ensure that no copyright, trademark or other legality has been infringed. Neither HALHUB nor any of its employees, agents or subcontractors warrants that any Service, web site hosting or email will be uninterrupted, error-free or free of any malicious code or virus. The Client bears the entire risk as to the quality and performance of any Service. In no event will HALHUB be liable to the Client or any third party for any loss (direct, indirect or consequential), damage or harm of any kind arising out of the operation of or inability to operate a web site or any other problem related to any Service. HALHUB indemnity shall extend to any amounts paid on a lawyer’s advice in relation to any claim.

Service Delay: HALHUB shall not be liable for any loss or claim, including consequential or third party losses to the Client or any other party, arising from delay, howsoever caused. HALHUB aim to complete all Service requests within fourteen days or within twenty eight days in the event of busy periods. Bespoke and non-standard Service requests may require additional time which will be notified in advance by way of email.

Client Materials: Any materials supplied by the Client are worked on entirely at the Client’s own risk and should be insured by the Client accordingly. The Client agrees to arrange for the prompt collection of any materials upon HALHUB request by way of email or letter, any materials which remain uncollected for a period of ninety days or more may be disposed of by HALHUB, a seven day advance notice will be sent by way of email.

Maximum Liability: The maximum HALHUB liability (if any) shall not exceed five percent of amounts paid by the Client to HALHUB for the provision of any Service, or relevant part thereof.

Final Agreement No Client variation to these Terms & Conditions shall be allowed unless agreed otherwise in advance in writing. HALHUB reserves the right to update these Terms & Conditions at any time by updating this page and to update any aspect of Service by updating the relevant page.

Headings Headings used in these Terms & Conditions are for convenience only and no meaning or intent shall be construed.

UK Law This agreement shall be enforced in accordance with UK Law.

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